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Swimming has to be the most interesting way you can spend time with your dog ! It certainly beats going to the dentist ! Infact one of my dogs actually snapped his tooth and its not like they have cosmetic dentist for dogs so i have had to leave it !! Sorry no fancy implants they cost anoth for us humans and that is a thought i wonder if any dog has ever had a tooth implant ! right i am digressing one of the most fun activities you can participate in with your dog is swimming ! now not many public pools in London will take to fondly to this but there are many park rivers or you could just invest in a garden pool ! if you can find a half decent pool builder not that i would spend the money on one im sure digging a huge hole and bricking the sides would work if you had a JCB digger !!

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The best place i have ever been swimming with my dog is cassiobury park in watford. The fisherman loved it as i passed with 4 dogs in tow ,,i could see them in the distance waving there fists and me all very exciting. As long as your dogs can touch the bottom now and again they really enjoy it i would go with a friend and even take a dingy to cradle the beers now that was fun. i Don’t suggest this for thames or high current river more like a gently flowing pond :)

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Now yes there are luxury boarding kennels and even home care facilities that will walk your dog but hardly any will take your dog swimming, Some luxury boarding establishments in the states have small hydrotherapy pools but that does not compete with a river and the out doors !! swimming is by far the best exercise because its gentle on the the joints and also works the whole range of muscles. nest week im am going to post more on my doggy adventures !!

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